And Then I'm Me

As part of my update of the homepage, I decided it was time to put down my exhibition-page, and post the pictures here on the blog instead. It's been six months since the exhibition and they are still my everything and will forever have a special place in my heart - as will all the contributors of the project! My livingroom is still full of these pictures, because quite frankly, I spent too much money on printing these to just shove them away on some attic! No thank you! So if you ever feel like you've missed out on something glittery, just give me a call. They are hanging on my livingroom wall for anyone to see.

Waiting Game

A couple of months ago I collaborated on a shoot with two very talented and lovely people. I feel like these pictures show the summer in Oslo this year, cause the sun never seemed to stop shining, and the heat became more and more intense. Do not mistake this with complaining - because I really really am not! For the sake of the earth, sure, a little rain wouldn't hurt - but for the sake of little pale me which is experiencing my first tan ever (using the term "tan" quite loosely - it's all in the eye of the beholder) this is a big thing. I am noticing that sunny and warm weather really is my thing, even though I'm used to a lot colder climate. Please don't let this summer end! Anyway, enoug


We've been hanging around and done shoots since we were young and didn't really know where to go in this world. And now, here we are - older, wiser and still not really sure where to go.