In Bloom moodboard

I've mentioned earlier that I'm a big believer in making moodboards before every shoot I do, and I'll try to post every moodboard I make from now on. Making moodboards and seeing others' are a big inspirational source for me in my process towards a photoshoot. This moodboard is the one I made for my last photoshoot "In Bloom".

In Bloom

Here is the latest photoshoot I did, a serie that got published at Nordic Style Mag. This was a whole lot of fun, and the first shoot I did in the studio I work at. Stylist: Christina Van Harten MUA: Stine Broen Model: Dunia Siad Abdi from Team Models


Blue hues, no work lots of work to do, shifting home shifting myself, writing a lot, playing on a wednesday, alcohol on a saturday, making plans for the spring, france, italy, paris or maybe tokyo, trying to work at a café with rude staff, shoot, flowers, coming to bloom, february is the easiest month compared to the previous