September pt. II

Walking for hours enjoying the vibe and view, getting drunk at the top of the world, reading some more in Central Park, enjoying the company, enjoying the vacation, not looking forward to leave the heat and going back to the cold

Poem One

As I've started working at a studio, photography has started to become more and more work (in a good way) and less something I do whenever I have some sparetime. This has resulted in me not doing that much photography after work, and it's been a road where I haven't really known what to do with my sparetime. I've started cooking more, reading, drawing and one thing in particular is actually writing (who knew). I've written poems before I understood they were poems, and they were mostly just scribbles in a book back then. But as I got more time for something else than photography, I realized they maybe wasn't just scribbles, and I saw I had literally hundreds of them! So I got them all toget

Blue Hues

Mua: Håvard Bjelland Stylist: Gönül Eliz Ertürk Model: Anna B. from Team Models


Mua: Stine Broen Mua assistant: Vanessa Knutsen Halilcevic Model: Alexandra N.S. from Team Models

September pt. I

Doing things I don't know, starting up a project I didn't know I wanted but went into being the perfect fit, celebrating the end and a new start, going to New York, having the best trip even though I had a cold, maybe it was the cold that made it the best trip, eating great breakfast and great lunch and great dinner and drinking great drinks, relaxing and reading Chelsea Handler because Chelsea Handler never gets boring to read, watching dancing with the stars live, finding out candy corn is the love of my life


Seeing so many beautiful things, Lukas with a big L, colours everywhere I look, new opportunities rising, so tired I wanted to hurl, being in love with the heat even though it's so warm to the skin, pointy flowers, great tasting food and trying to make some of it myself, taking podcasting to the next level by watching it live, counting the days to New York, seethrough shirts and rainy days when you least expect it