christmas, filming, learning something new, trying and failing but never giving up, drinking too much christmas soda, being cold, getting drunk unexpectedly, rushing around and stressing the only way christmas can, finding ten year old photos from my first time in London, new years eve in a hotel with dogs, feeling blessed, feeling tired, feeling grateful and energized about the next year to come like never before, being insecure about life but in a fun and new way, writing new years resolutions on a napkin


Making an exhibition in only weeks, turning over a new leaf, joining a new store selling my pictures, buying the sweater I fell in love with a year ago, still walking to work only now it's getting cold, saying goodbye without getting to say goodbye to the love of my life (my cat), eating soup that's so spicy I can feel it by just looking at the picture


walking to work, weather getting colder, eating the best food there is, last month of my first job, having conversations I never want to end, going to exhibitions seeing mediocre pictures for insane amounts of money, feeling the sun knowing it will be a long time until next time, never wanting the weekend to end