Freelance Photographer

I am officially a freelance photographer and it's been two weeks where a lot has happened already!

First of all, I have loads more energy and inspiration. Which I think kindof is a given concidering I'm not using all my time and energy on H&M. But I am also feeling a lot more energy just by being able to choose which days I want to work and what work I want. I think that deep down this is my way of living - not knowing where my next paycheck comes from. It keeps me on edge but in a good way.

With more energy and inspiration, comes also a lot more photoshoots. I've planned for three shoots just this week, and have ceveral jobs. They're still just small of course, two weeks are still just two weeks - but it's a start that I am happy with.

My goal for the next couple of weeks (besides getting more jobs, obviously), is to get my social media up and running more professionally. So far I've just jumped from place to place, not really sure what I was doing - but now I'm putting in the big guns with research on how to use the different platforms best and how to reach the most people (I'm looking at you, darn Instagram Algorithm).

So in other words; there's exciting times ahead!

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