Poem One

As I've started working at a studio, photography has started to become more and more work (in a good way) and less something I do whenever I have some sparetime. This has resulted in me not doing that much photography after work, and it's been a road where I haven't really known what to do with my sparetime. I've started cooking more, reading, drawing and one thing in particular is actually writing (who knew).

I've written poems before I understood they were poems, and they were mostly just scribbles in a book back then. But as I got more time for something else than photography, I realized they maybe wasn't just scribbles, and I saw I had literally hundreds of them! So I got them all together and I found out that this is a perfect project to get better in making films. So whenever I have the time, I'll make an interpetation of one of my poems, and what will become of this project, I don't fully know yet. But that is sort of fun too!

"I love you more than

I love Myself

More than

I love Love itself

More than

being In Love

More than it all"

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